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Prayer To Remove Spiritual Arrows

Prayer To Remove Spiritual Arrows

My friends, this is a huge revelation that the Holy Spirit has given me to share with you! He has showed me that many of us are walking around with spiritual arrows, daggers, knives and darts that have been thrown at us by wicked words spoken over us or even from the works of the enemy against our assignments for God’s Kingdom. When we have not asked the Lord to remove them, we continue to allow the weapons of the enemy to take away all our energy, zest and clarity for what God has called us to do. These spiritual arrows can even cause physical weakness. Watch this powerful teaching, and testimony of a breakthrough from Jeno Shaw! Then pray my prayer for you to call on the Ministering Angels of the Lord to remove these arrows, knives and darts out of you and receive your healing and breakthrough!

Please watch the video teaching and testimony first before speaking the prayer below:

STAND UP AND PRAY OUT LOUD: “Father, In the name of Jesus, I ask You to send your ministering Angels to me right now to pull out every knife, dagger, arrow, spike and flaming dart that the enemy has thrown or stabbed in me over the years.  Please remove and cancel any curses and demonic assignments  or any negative words even the things I’ve said over myself in Jesus name. Remove any Jezebel spirit that’s trying to or has put a dagger into my heart in Jesus name.  Father, I thank You for sending Your ministering angels to come to my aid at this very moment and pull these evil weapons all out of me. 

 Now, I speak to the Ministering Angels that are here with me right now, thank you for coming and I command you by the authority of Jesus Christ to pull out and remove all weapons of the enemy out of me right now in the name of Jesus.  Pull out and remove forever every arrow, dart, dagger, knife, spike, sword or any other weapon that You see on me or in me.  These weapons of the enemy no longer are allowed to remain in Jesus name!

Lord Jesus come and pour your blood on my wounds from where those darts ,arrows, daggers were and any other wounds where any weapons of the enemy were removed. I ask you Lord Jesus to wash my wounds with your blood. I ask your ministering Angel’s to apply the healing balms of Gilead on those wounds and  pour the oil of the Holy Spirit upon them and then refresh me with fresh oil and I ask these ministering Angel’s to strengthen me to go into battle again and this time as the Lord is my shield and buckler and I have my shield of Faith, no more weapons formed against me will prosper! And every tongue that rises up against me you shall condemn oh Lord. And I’m not afraid of the terror by night nor by the arrow that travels by day because you are my shield and buckler Father God according to your word in Psalm 91.

I now put on my full Armor of God daily as described in Your word Father God in Ephesians 6:10-20 and put up my Shield of Faith and quench all the fiery darts of the wicked in Jesus name!

Father, I ask that you remove the scales off my eyes I want see into the spirit realm and give me eyes of understanding in Your wisdom and truth.  Send your Warrior Angels to go before me and scatter my enemies and flank me day and night with Your Sentry Angels covering me with their fiery swords and shields. I ask this all in the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Now thank and praise God the Father! Thank the Lord Jesus for giving His authority to ask for this help and thank the Angels for their assistance!

For your daily “Suiting Up” strategy for taking your Seat of Authority in Christ and to fully cover yourself, your family and your home – go to my “Suit Up” daily prayer strategy here.

Stay strong in the Lord my friends!

Love, Annamarie

Five Strategies For Praying Your Prodigals Home (and back to GOD)

Five Strategies For Praying Your Prodigals Home (and back to GOD)

Hello my friends! I want to share a powerful prayer strategy for those of you praying for your prodigal sons and daughters – or husbands and wives!

On my morning prayer broadcast (watch here) my theme was praying for our prodigals, to come home and come back to the Lord Jesus Christ.    My experience comes from the revelation and the prayer strategies that I have received from praying for my own daughter – who had been struggling with her faith in Jesus.  God is so faithful to give us the steps and strategies from His Word and through the Holy Spirit to give us the solutions we need for our families, marriages and children to be restored.  Praise God!

So many of you have been reaching out to me through our prayer requests asking for us to pray for your prodigal child who is away from God, or that they are going into dark and sinful lifestyles – many of you are asking the same prayers for a husband or wife.   I felt very strongly about asking the Lord for a word to share with you all that would give us a prayer strategy to activate over our prodigals.

Here is the Prodigal Prayer Strategy I received from the revelation of Holy Spirit giving me direction as I continued to pray for my own daughter – it’s something that each of you can combine with your own revelation from the Lord as you spend time in prayer for your prodigal.  Print these out or bookmark this page.

1.) Send The Holy Spirit:  The Holy Spirit is our helper and we have the authority in Christ to send Him to help us in any situation.  Pray out loud: “In the name of Jesus I send the Holy Spirit to hover over my loved one ________________.  I ask You Holy Spirit to do creative miracles in them today.  Remove the scales from their eyes and lift the veils to give them eyes of understanding to see Your truth.  Point them to the Living God. Reveal the Lord Jesus Christ to them. Holy Spirit give them a check of conviction in their own spirit when they try to move further away from God’s will.  Guide them back into God’s will for their lives.  Holy Spirit I ask You to completely engulf and surround ___________  night and day and pour fresh oil on them to activate their God given gifts and divine purpose. Remind them why they were created and what they were created to do.  Give them dreams and visions for their divine calling and purpose in Jesus name! Thank You Holy Spirit for Your help and faithfulness to my request.  Thank You Jesus for my authority through You, to send the Holy Spirit, my helper on this assignment for my loved one, in Jesus name I pray, Amen” 

2.) Put Them In The Blood of Jesus:  The enemy is helpless against the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Decree Below (add the names of your loved ones in the blanks.)

Decree out loud:

I place myself completely in the blood of Jesus

I place my motherhood/fatherhood in the blood of Jesus

I place my marriage in the blood of Jesus

I release the power of the blood of Jesus over me and my family

I place my daughter/son/husband/wife ______________ in the Blood of Jesus

I place my relationship with my ___________________ in the blood of Jesus

I place every influence and friendship in and around ___________________ blood of Jesus

I place ________________ divine gifts and anointings in the blood of Jesus

I place ___________________life purpose as ordained by God in the blood of Jesus

I release the power of the blood of Jesus over and in _____________________ right now!

Lord Jesus let your blood speak into ___________________!

Lord Jesus Your blood speaks life over _____________________!

Lord Jesus Your blood exposes darkness hiding in and around_____________________!

Lord Jesus Your blood destroys all darkness in and around _____________________!

Thank You Jesus for the Power of Your Precious Blood!

Thank You Jesus for the Authority to release and apply Your Blood!


3.) Release Angels On Assignment: Angels are activated by the Word of God.  The Bible says the the Lord watches over His word to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:12)  When you decree the word of God over your prodigal and ask the Lord to release His angels to perform this task by faith.

  • Builder Angels: (Pray out loud the Hedge of Thorns Prayer) Father, In the name of Jesus I thank you for _____________________ life.   I love them very much Father, but I cannot even fathom how much more You love ___________.  I know Father God that You have a great plan and purpose for their life.  Right now, __________________ is going away from You Lord and their life is not producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  They have evil influences around them, and are chasing evil things.  Father, I ask that today you release your Builder Angels to build a hedge of thorns around them to fence them in to protect them from all evil influences and to keep them from going after things that are not of Your will for their life.  Father, according to Your word in Hosea 2:6-7 which states: “Therefore I will block her/his path with thornbushes; I will wall her/him in so that she cannot find her way. She/he will chase after her lovers but not catch them; she/he will look for them but not find them. Then she/he will say  ‘I will go back to my husband/wife/parents as at first, for then I was better off than now.”  I believe Your word Father and I ask for that same Hedge of Thorns fence to be built around my loved one _______________  and Your Builder Angels to be activated to build this fence of thorns like a barb wire fence around a fertile field.  I decree that my loved one _____________is like a fertile field that is ripe for harvest for Jesus Christ and this barbed thorny fence will protect them from all predators or bad seeds that could defile or ruin the fruit they are meant to produce for the kingdom of God.  I ask that this protective barrier be completed around them today in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father,  Amen
  • Sower Angels:  (Pray out loud the Sowing of Good Seed Prayer) Father, I thank You for who You are and all that You do for us. Today I lift up my loved one ________________________ to You in prayer.  I thank You Father for their life and the plans and purposes You have for their life.  Father, in the name of Jesus I decree over _________________ that they  become the fertile ground that our Lord Jesus speaks about in Matthew 13:18:  “Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop–a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”  Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that you would release your Sower Angels to sow good seeds into ______________________.  I ask that these seeds are actually Holy Spirit filled and Godly mentors, friendships and influences to come into their lives.  I ask that through the help of your Holy Spirit working with the Sower Angels that these “good seeds” are ushered into _________________ life right now.  I ask that the Sower Angels go and gather these Godly people and influences and bring them into the path of ______________________ as soon as possible.  I am also asking Father for Your divinely inspired books, videos, music, events, and teachings to come as an opportunity to them in an unexpected way. Usher this in through Angelic assistance to plant a good seed in their hearts and minds – starting them on their path back to Jesus Christ.  I am asking for these new Holy Spirit filled relationships that You have for their lives take root and grow to help _________________ have a closer and deeper relationship with You Father and begin to walk in their divine calling and purpose.  I pray that all these seeds come to an abundant harvest in their life for Your Glory, in Jesus Name, Amen”
  • Hunter and Trapper Angels: (Pray out loud Hunt and Trap The Foxes Prayer) “Father, thank You for your word that teaches and guides us how to pray for our children and marriages.  By faith, we know that you want us to bloom and prosper and produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit from walking in our divine purpose and having a close relationship with you Lord.   Father, I am coming to you today decreeing and standing upon your word in Song of Solomon 2:15 “Catch for us the foxes— the little foxes that ruin the vineyards— for our vineyards are in bloom.”  Father, I can clearly see that there are sneaky little foxes in the spirit realm that are stealing the fruits of the Holy Spirit that my loved one __________ is meant to produce in their life.  My loved one ___________ is gifted and anointed by You Father to fulfill their calling in life and to come into a full relationship with Jesus Christ.  My loved one _________ is being hindered by those foxes that are trying to spoil their fruit and the branches that connect them to Christ, who is the vine according to Your word in John 15:5.   Jesus said:  “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”   In the name of Jesus, I ask that Your Hunter and Trapper Angels  are released on behalf of my loved one ______________ to hunt and trap those foxes that are coming against Your will and Your plans in their lives.   I ask that these Hunter and Trapper Angels go now to catch every single sneaky fox that is operating in and around my loved one _________ and send those foxes far far away from my loved one _________ forever!  I decree that those sneaky foxes will never come near my loved one again, and will never be allowed to touch their fruits of the Holy Spirit ever again in Jesus mighty name! Amen
  • Harvest Angels: (Pray out loud the Harvest Angels Prayer)  Father, I thank You for the blessings and abundance you have promised for my life and the life of my loved one _______________.  Father Your word is true and good, and I praise You for your Faithfulness in our lives.  Today, Father I am calling in the Harvest Angels for my loved one __________________ in Jesus name.  In Your word, Jesus teaches us in Matthew 13:24 that the enemy comes in when we are not looking and sows tares and weeds into our harvest fields.  I decree that my loved one ______________ is ripe for the Harvest for Jesus Christ right now.  In the name of Jesus I ask You Father to release your Harvest Angels into my loved one’s ______________ field.  I ask that the Harvest Angels will pull up at the root every weed and tare in their harvest field. Pull up at the root every ungodly relationship and evil influence that is in their lives at the roots and bundle them and cast them into your Holy Fire to be burned to ashes!  I decree that every single relationship and influence in my loved ones life that is not your will for them Father God is removed at the root and these relationships burned to ashes in Jesus name!  I decree that those weeds and tares (ungodly relationships) will never come near ___________ again, and their weed seeds will never take root in ___________ harvest field again!  I decree that ______________harvest is for the Lord.   I also ask Father that my loved one ________________ is harvested right now like good wheat by Your Harvest Angels, and bundled and put safely into the barn of our master Jesus Christ in Jesus mighty name! Amen ( POWERFUL >> add in an offering to a ministry in the name of your loved one as a seed to come to harvest for the LORD)

4.) Prophesy and Decree Over Them:  When you decree over your loved one, God’s word for their lives – giving God thanks and praise ahead of time for their breakthrough and deliverance – this is extremely powerful.  It is a huge activation of your faith for their lives.  The word says in Job  22:28 that if we decree a thing it shall be established (good or bad so watch what you say even if you are upset with them).    Focus on decreeing God’s word over them.  Then prophesy God’s will to be done now to them!  I start with decreeing that my loved one is the beautiful feet spoke of in  Isaiah 52:7  “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!”  Then I prophesy that my loved one is living in the will of God and producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives right now!  I decree that they have realized the pigpen is no good and they have it better at home and better with God!  I decree what good see in the future for them, such as walking with the Lord, healthy and filled with Godly wisdom, fully using their God given gifts and anointings.  I ask the Holy Spirit to go and hover over them right where they are and the Presence of God to be so strong around them that evil cannot stand to be near them and flee. I prophesy in faith that the scales have fallen off their eyes right now, the chains are falling off in Jesus name and they see the truth and the truth has set them free!

5.) Pray In The Spirit:  When you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit you will receive the gift of praying in a prayer language (tongues).  You surrender to the Holy Spirit and ask the Holy Spirit  to pray what needs to be prayed for your loved one through you.  You can go and lay on their spot on their bed and pray or even in their chair or place at the table.  If you do not have a prayer language then come before the Father on your knees or laying on the floor before Him, and praise Him until you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Then surrender yourself and your loved one to God.  Repent for any negative words or curses known or unknown you have ever spoke over your loved one. Ask for the Blood of Jesus to cover your sins and all those words and wipe them away clean by His blood.  “In the name of Jesus I repent for every negative word or curse I ever spoke over ___________ and cancel every negative word or every curse I have ever spoke over my loved one, in Jesus name I mark it null and void and cover it in the blood of Jesus.”   Then say: ” I loose all bitterness I had for my loved one in Jesus name, and I ask the Holy Spirit to come and hover over me and my loved one and heal and restore our relationship in Jesus name.”   Continue to pray in the spirit as the Lord guides you.  When you have all your own sin, negative words and bitterness forgiven and covered in the blood, this will open up the Holy Spirit to flow through you like a vessel to pray strong in the spirit for your loved one!   Pray until you see breakthrough!

HAVE FAITH AND STAY PATIENT >> Keep praying for them, loving them no matter what you see happening in the natural. You have activated the spirit realm and heaven is fighting for them right now!

WARNING >> Don’t put what God has called you to do in your own life on hold because you are worried about your children or waiting for your spouse to see the light!  That would be direct disobedience to God!  Your obedience brings breakthrough in ALL areas of your life! Keep moving forward with your own calling in faith and obedience!  Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the KINGDOM of God and all these things will be added to you.” That means you too should always be seeking for yourself as well as your family members!  Also the Will of God for their life might be something you would never expect.  If what they are called to do produces fruit for the Kingdom of God and the Body Of Christ – then it is of God.  Judge only by the fruit, like Jesus tells us to.

PREPARE THE RETURN PARTY BY FAITH >> Thank God in advance for bringing your prodigal home, delivering them from darkness and back to Jesus!  Thank Him and Praise Him for His Faithfulness and Goodness in all that He is doing right now! Stay in faith no matter how long it takes – keep pressing in! God loves them even more than we do and wants them back!   Prepare a party by FAITH for your loved one’s return!  Have it all ready to go, buy a ring to put on their finger, a new robe or nice outfit for them and special decorations for HOMECOMING party. Keep everything it in a place where you can see it all the time and decree over it by faith: “Today is the day of celebration! ______________ has been delivered by the Hand of God!  My prodigal is HOME!!   Hallelujia!! God DID it!!  Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”


At the end of every broadcast I like to suggest a book or a teacher that is anointed for a certain subject to continue to help you get breakthrough in this area.  I forgot to add that at the end of my Prodigals video broadcast – so here it is:


I highly recommend the teachings and prodigal prayer ministry of Karen Wheaton and her book “Watching the Road – Praying Your Prodigal Home”  Karen’s ministry and her intercession for prodigals is very powerful.  Learn more here:

Go into the Courts of Heaven and intercede for your prodigal: Books By Jeanette Strauss / (Book Bundle) From the Courtroom of Heaven & Prayers and Petitions

Love you all!  Remember to send your prayer requests to me so I can pray over your prodigals here.

All of Heaven is Cheering You On and I Am TOO!!!

– Annamarie

Watch my Prodigals and Purpose Broadcast Video Here:

Daily Suiting Up Prayers For Your Kingdom Purpose for God

Daily Suiting Up Prayers For Your Kingdom Purpose for God


This must be done each day out loud so it is heard in the spirit realm. We go about the Father’s Business each day with His divine protection and blessing.  

I do this in the morning, but you can do this before bed each night to decree over the night and the next day.  Hebrew days actually begin at sundown. So either way you are covering your next 24 hours by decreeing these scriptures.


  1. TAKE YOUR SEAT OF AUTHORITY AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS (Decree Ephesians Chapter 1:17 all the way to Ephesians Chapter 2:4-7)  Get the book: “The Authority of the Believer and How To Use It” By Dr. Billye Brim get it here

  2. Cover yourself, your family, your house, your vehicles, your work and ministry with the Blood of Jesus, commit your day and night to the Lord –  Decree: “AS FOR ME AND MY HO– USE WE SHALL SERVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH – YESHUA HAMASHIACH, KING OF KINGS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!”

  3. Put on your Full Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10 – Stand up and decree out loud as you physically put on each piece of armor.

  4.  Pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud.

  5. Repent for any sins, ask for forgiveness, grace and mercy and ask Jesus to wash you clean with His blood – ask the Lord to create in you a clean heart, and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and command your mind, body, soul and spirit to yield to the Power of God.

  6. Psalm 23 – Decree over you and your household for the leading of the Lord and anointing – you can also apply oil to your head and soles of your feet. I get my anointing oil here.

  7. Psalm 24 – Decree an open heaven over you and your household and the King of Glory to come in!

  8. Psalm 91 – Prayer of Protection (over you and your household as you walk in your kingdom assignment)  

  9. Prayer of Jabez – Decree over yourself/family for God to expand your territory and advance your divine purpose.  1 Chronicles 4:10

  10. Decree the Aaronic Blessing or play the recording in Hebrew in your home. (Numbers 6:22-27) Here is a recording in both Hebrew and English.

  11. Play the recording of the shofar in your home.  This is the sound of the trumpet in Zion – to take out any spiritual enemies and call forth the Hosts of Heaven to fight for you. (Nehemiah 4:20)  I put this recording on loop while I work during the day.

This is a powerful way to take your place of authority in Christ Jesus and operate in the covering and protection of the Kingdom of God each day as we carry out what the Lord has called us to do. 


Love you and I am cheering you on! – Annamarie

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