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Book Excerpt – Building and Equipping Your Team – Taking Authority Over Your Relationships

Book Excerpt – Building and Equipping Your Team – Taking Authority Over Your Relationships

Chapter 4 of my upcoming book, “Faith At Full Speed – Your High Horsepower Manual To Success” Here is an excerpt – I felt like somebody needs this today….

Building and Equipping Your Team – Taking Authority Over Your Relationships:

When it comes to building and equipping your team – you have to first look at your environment of the supporters (and non-supporters) you have around you. Is there anyone on your “crew’ right now that would send you out on the track with a loose wheel? Would they not care enough to double check your nuts and bolts to make sure all is safe and tight for you? (hypothetically speaking here) Would they keep your windshield dirty, maybe even throw more debris and mud on it when you come in for a pit stop of support? Who around you would not have enough respect and value in your relationship to make sure you are excelling, helping you keep a clear vision and pumping you up for the win? How are they influencing you – are they cheering you on or holding you back?

This may be one of the hardest strategies of your success plan – but truly one of the most important. We need to finish this race strong – and when your crew is not for your victory, guess what? There is no way you are going to make it to the finish line, let alone be victorious.

Listen my friend – I know it’s hard to separate yourself from certain people and relationships in your life – I have been there!

What we refuse to deal with now will create worse issues later, so lets rip off the band-aid quickly and get ‘er done. It might sting for a minute, but once you do it, you will be relieved. Then you can see things really start to move forward.

It’s time to disconnect yourself from negative, unsupportive and critical people. Pray for them, but stop putting the time and energy into them. Stop allowing them to walk all over you. Stop allowing them to discourage you. Stop sharing your God given dreams, ideas and goals with them when all they do is chew up and hold back what God wants you to do! Focus on Him and His assignment for your life and purpose – Jesus told us exactly what to do about this situation in Matthew 7:6

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

But, you might be thinking – “Jesus also said to love my neighbor… I am supposed to love all people.” Yes, that is exactly what He said. Never stop loving them. BUT don’t allow them to take advantage of you and treat you like a doormat. This is like tough love as a parent does with a child. You love them, but you show them the authority you have in Christ because you are actually teaching them something that will help them with their own walk with God. You are showing them how to have DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE to God. You are representing God’s kingdom on earth when you are following His word and purposes for your life. The word “Disciple” starts with “Discipline” for both you and them.

To be a winner, you must first be a leader. Leaders first become disciples of Christ, and lead like Christ would. Your crew is like your disciples. Jesus would have run an amazing race team!

So, HOW do you tell these people? How do you approach this without offending them? What if these negative people are actually family members?!

Let me share how the Holy Spirit led me to do this successfully in my own life. It’s a bit uncomfortable the first time, but when you see the blessing and immediate breakthroughs that come from doing this – for both you and them,  and WOW – it’s so worth it!


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Don’t IGNORE the Tugging! Your Purpose Is Ready to Go To WORK

Don’t IGNORE the Tugging! Your Purpose Is Ready to Go To WORK

Faith At Full Speed:
By Annamarie Strawhand

EXCERPT from my soon to be released book “Faith At Full Speed”

Don’t IGNORE the Tugging!

Many people try to squelch down the tugging in their heart and soul because they don’t believe they can go after their calling. Or they put off working on their goals and dreams for years because they feel they need “special” things or situations to even get started, and use that as an excuse. That is a LIE from the enemy trying to hold you back from your divine purpose! Time to kick his butt to the curb! I did! You can too!

If you are reading this chapter right now, it’s because I finally got serious about writing this book, a huge goal and dream I had in my heart to do for three years! I took a few months of “garage time” to get it written and here it is in your hands! Whooo hoooo! Thank you Lord! I pray that every word you read inspires, equips and motivates you. But without taking my “garage time” this book would still be a bunch of post-it notes piled in a folder on my shelf. I am so grateful I asked the Holy Spirit to move me into action. What a waste it would have been for my daughter someday to find my notes after I am gone to Heaven and they were never activated into the book God had planned for me to write? It would have been tragic! The same with your purpose goals and dreams – they must be activated!

I believe that in the Bible where it says God will wipe away our tears when we come to Heaven, some of those tears could be from when God tells us what our purpose was and we never took the time to activate it on earth. We must not waste our gifts, our calling and our purpose. If we do waste them, I believe we break God’s heart. 

Here’s what the Holy Spirit has shown me to tell you: Start where you are now and use what you have currently available to you! All you need to start creating your dream or going after that goal is ALREADY within YOU and HE will give you everything you need to make it happen and PROSPER it! This is God’s promise for your life and His TRUTH! 

Remember, Jesus told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN us. Heaven’s resources are UNLIMITED! We don’t need any more than that to start activating our purpose and calling – no fancy gadgets, no jackpot lottery wins, no marrying a rich prince or princess charming – you only need to seek ONE THING to kick this into HIGH gear now, and you already HAVE IT.

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 

Do you feel your calling or something bigger tugging in your heart and soul? Then you are ready to rock and roll on activating your purpose! The Holy Spirit has been waiting on you!

Let’s Get In The Garage and Get To Work!

Excerpt from Chapter Two  “Faith At Full Speed” Your High Horsepower Manual to Success – By Annamarie Strawhand

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Activating and Accelerating Faith to Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams at Record Speed

By: Annamarie Strawhand

To be released: 2018


  1. How to discover exactly what God has designed you to be and do
  2. How to create and activate your “race winning strategy” for your goals and dreams
  3. How to attract the money you need to fund your goals and dreams
  4. How to attract the best team of people around you to propel you to victory
  5. How to align yourself with heaven and hear God’s voice directing you
  6. Biblical strategies to overcome any obstacle quickly and accelerate you forward
  7. Confidently claim your vision and successfully take it into the marketplace
  8. Why God wants to “Sponsor” you and how to receive His unlimited sponsorship
  9.  How to multiply your victories and become a champion at your purpose!
  10.  Includes Prayer Activation Strategies In Each Chapter 
  11. This Book Is Your High Horsepower Manual To Success!

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