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Billy Graham’s Father’s 1934 Dairy Farm Prayer Meeting That Changed The World

Billy Graham’s Father’s 1934 Dairy Farm Prayer Meeting That Changed The World

Photo Courtesy of Billy Graham Evangelical Association Facebook Live

On February 28th, a week after the passing of Reverend Billy Graham – I watched the broadcast from the US State Capitol as this amazing, anointed and humble servant of God and leader for Christ, his body in a simple wood casket laid in honor at the US Capitol (only three private citizens ever had this honor). There is no greater honor than to serve the Kingdom of God and our country – and the United States leaders are acknowledging this! Praise God! Thank you Billy Graham! I pray your life and boldness for the Gospel will rise up more and more leaders for Christ in America and all over the world!

I prayed that as I watched the service live –  then as I was listening to a story President Trump told in his speech at the Billy Graham Memorial Service at the United States Capitol –  this made me stand up and take notice!

This was in President Trump’s words when the late Billy Graham laid in honor in the US Capitol:

“In the spring of 1934, Billy Graham’s father allowed a group of Charlotte, North Carolina businessmen to use a portion of the family’s dairy farm to gather for a day of prayer. On that day, the men prayed for the city. They prayed that out of Charlotte the Lord would raise up someone to preach the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. We are here today more than 80 years later because that prayer was truly answered. Billy Graham was 15 years old at the time. Just a few months later he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. That choice didn’t just change Billy’s life, it changed our lives. It changed our country and it changed, in fact, the entire world.”

I was blown away when I heard that! Through this story I realized God is speaking to us about intercessory prayer!

We must be reminded: There is a mighty Power in Intercessory Prayer and making decrees in the land!

This is why in every city, town and region, even on your own property you can petition God to raise up faithful leaders – ask for men and women who will spread the gospel and restore us to God. God will raise them up – we need to ASK!

If we want a move of God in our region and in our land we must come together and pray. We must BOLDLY come to the Throne Of Grace and petition the Lord.

It’s no coincidence that the day Billy Graham’s body was brought to the US Capitol, it was the 13th of Adar (Hebrew Calendar), that brings us into the beginning of the Jewish Celebration of Purim – when Queen Esther boldly went to the throne of the King and saved her people. Like Esther, who saved her people from death and destruction, Billy Graham boldly went to Nations proclaiming the Gospel and Truth saving millions from death and brought them to the eternal life of Jesus Christ.

WOW – there is something very prophetic in this! God’s timing is amazing!

God heard the Charlotte intercessors who prayed on Billy Graham’s father’s farm in the 1930’s and raised up Billy! He fulfilled what was decreed and requested in prayer on that day, not just for Charlotte but for the world!  Father, we ask You to raise up those for such a time as this in our nation and the world today!  I am so grateful for those Charlotte intercessors and for Billy Graham’s father’s faith and obedience to God for the use of his land for that day!  Hallelujah!!

If you want to gather a group of intercessors, You can download a complete guide on how to intercede, pray and decree over your regions that I have available here.

Free Pray For America Guide with Powerful Decrees for Your Cities and States

Free Pray For America Guide with Powerful Decrees for Your Cities and States


Free Pray For America Prayer Guide with Powerful Decrees for your Cities and States!

Faith leader Annamarie Strawhand began leading a prayer group for our nation just before the 2016 Presidential Election at the First Landing Cross at Cape Henry, Virginia. This is the first “gateway” to America that was dedicated to the Lord in 1607 by our first settlers. (click here to download a copy of the First Landing Cross Prayer Meeting) Here is video of that historic day.

Scroll down for a free printable prayer and decree guide for you to speak and pray over your own cities, states and regions….

At the urging of the Holy Spirit, Annamarie was shown that there are many gateways in our country that are under attack by dark forces.  These areas are suffering violence, crime, drugs, job loss, economy problems, community health and poverty issues, problems in the schools and corruption in government.  The Body of Christ must re-dedicate these regions to the Lord Jesus Christ – pray over the land, government, our children, families and future of the region to usher in peace, safety and prosperity. She realized that every American citizen that is a believer in Jesus Christ has the authority to pray powerful prayers and decrees over their regions and cities.  Below, you can download an outline and a prayer strategy guide that will give you powerful decrees and scripture to speak over your cities and regions,  activate in the name of Jesus Christ – who has the government on His shoulders and holds the key to overcoming the darkness in our areas. This also ushers in the supernatural protection of God over your home, your areas, and opens the door for abundant blessings for your city, schools, economy, businesses and your family and America!

If you feel called to become a Prayer Leader or Intercessor for your city and region, download and print our prayer guide below.  God wants us to be equipped and bold in our Gatekeeper duties and create divine shifts in our communities for the purposes of His Kingdom and usher in healing, peace, safety and prosperity into your city, state and our entire country.

This Pray For America printout will guide you with prayer strategies and decrees for your city, state region and even over America. We can do much with prayer and using our faith! We are called to be Gatekeepers of our beautiful country in the name of the Lord! We are One Nation Under God!

Download Free American Gatekeepers Prayer Guide Here.