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Daily Suiting Up For Your Kingdom Purpose for God

Daily Suiting Up For Your Kingdom Purpose for God


This must be done each day out loud so it is heard in the spirit realm. We go about the Father’s Business each day with His divine protection and blessing.  

I do this in the morning, but you can do this before bed each night to decree over the night and the next day.  Hebrew days actually begin at sundown. So either way you are covering your next 24 hours by decreeing these scriptures.


  1. TAKE YOUR SEAT OF AUTHORITY AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS (Decree Ephesians Chapter 1:17 all the way to Ephesians Chapter 2:4-7)  Get the book: “The Authority of the Believer and How To Use It” By Dr. Billye Brim get it here

  2. Cover yourself, your family, your house, your vehicles, your work and ministry with the Blood of Jesus, commit your day and night to the Lord –  Decree: “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE SHALL SERVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH – YESHUA HAMASHIACH, KING OF KINGS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!”

  3. Put on your Full Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10 – Stand up and decree out loud as you physically put on each piece of armor.

  4.  Pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud.

  5. Repent for any sins, ask for forgiveness, grace and mercy and ask Jesus to wash you clean with His blood – ask the Lord to create in you a clean heart, and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and command your mind, body, soul and spirit to yield to the Power of God.

  6. Psalm 23 – Decree over you and your household for the leading of the Lord and anointing – you can also apply oil to your head and soles of your feet. I get my anointing oil here.

  7. Psalm 24 – Decree an open heaven over you and your household and the King of Glory to come in!

  8. Psalm 91 – Prayer of Protection (over you and your household as you walk in your kingdom assignment)  

  9. Prayer of Jabez – Decree over yourself/family for God to expand your territory and advance your divine purpose.  1 Chronicles 4:10

  10. Decree the Aaronic Blessing or play the recording in Hebrew in your home. (Numbers 6:22-27) Here is a recording in both Hebrew and English.

  11. Play the recording of the shofar in your home.  This is the sound of the trumpet in Zion – to take out any spiritual enemies and call forth the Hosts of Heaven to fight for you. (Nehemiah 4:20)  I put this recording on loop while I work during the day.

This is a powerful way to take your place of authority in Christ Jesus and operate in the covering and protection of the Kingdom of God each day as we carry out what the Lord has called us to do. 


Love you and I am cheering you on! – Annamarie

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Prayers For Calming The Storm In Your Mind

Prayers For Calming The Storm In Your Mind


If you are in the process of crossing over the other side into the next level of your promise, the enemy may try to bring storms against you. Many times the storm is in your own mind. The devil tells you lies about yourself and tries to make you feel like a failure, fearful and even keeps your head spinning in confusion about the course you are on. But you have the authority of Jesus – you speak to that storm! Command it to be still now!

Repeat after me: “I am on a path to my DIVINE promise and nothing can come against it. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and I have the authority of the King of Kings, my Lord Jesus Christ. I take authority over every storm in my mind of fear, lies. chaos and confusion and in the name of Jesus I command all fear, lies, chaos and confusion to cease now and be still in Jesus name! I invite you Holy Spirit to be the only spirit operating in my mind, soul and spirit and I declare I have the mind of Christ! I live in the complete power, peace and shalom of the Kingdom of God because I am seated with Christ right now next to the throne of the Father! Thank you Jesus!!”

whooo hooo!!! Get to the other side because Jesus is with you on this journey – use the authority He gave you! Every time any little storm starts to swirl up in your mind say this command: “Peace Be Still” #peacebestill

Prophetic Word From Annamarie: You are going from a Roller Coaster to a Rocket!

Prophetic Word From Annamarie: You are going from a Roller Coaster to a Rocket!

 I have an exciting word for you all!

I feel a shift in the atmosphere!! You will be going from a ROLLER COASTER TO A ROCKET!

Many of you have been on a roller coaster ride for a long time. Things have been up and down, you have been asking God WHEN – when will there finally be a shift into a decisive change into my promise? When will I not always have to be in warfare with the enemy? When will there be clarity and an opening into my prosperity and peace? When will the situation that I have been praying and pressing in for finally be solved? When will I have my breakthrough?

>>> Is this happening to YOU??

Friends, I have a word for you today! There has been a SHIFT.

All weekend I have been seeing signs about the Angels of God have SCATTERED your enemies, and are safely taking you to the secret place of the Lord! God is bringing the enemy into confusion and scattering them away from you!! Now He is shifting you into becoming clear and ready for final takeoff! NO MORE stop and go, up and down. God is taking you off the ROLLER COASTER bringing you to the place of RE-FUELING UP and sending Angels to clear the way on a STRAIGHT SUPER HIGHWAY! There is an open heaven! Clarity, open doors, divine appointments are all aligned and coming quickly! Your eyes will be opened to see the Heart of God showing you things that He is doing for you that you were not able to see before!

Go to your secret place where you talk to God.

Keep your talks and walks with God close to your chest. Right now God will be giving you instruction and steps in your time with Him. Don’t announce what you think God is doing until people around you will see He is doing it. He will move swiftly on your behalf as you work with Him like a TOP SECRET assignment. Then BOOM the ROCKET TAKES OFF you are READY to COMPLETE THIS MISSION YOU WANT TO COMPLETE.

Decree this verse over yourself: “Father, I agree and decree your word over myself and my household according Deuteronomy 28:7 that “Blessed shall I be be when I come in, and blessed shall I be when I go out. The LORD shall cause my enemies who rise up against me to be defeated before me; they will come out against me one way and will flee before me seven ways. The LORD will command the blessing upon me in my barns, businesses, projects, purposes, home, office, family, ministry, __________________________ and in all that I put my hand to, and He will bless me in the land which the LORD my God gives me.”

Pray: “Father, thank you for scattering my enemies! I ask for Warring Angels and Heavenly Hosts to go before me and make my way clear and fast as You guide me through your Holy Spirit, and I invite You now Holy Spirit to come and give me eyes to see and ears to hear only YOUR VOICE and Your Doings Father God! Lord Jesus King of Glory open up Heaven over me and my Household! Father, take me into the secret place with YOU – for you to speak Your divine strategies into me! I decree VICTORY in the mighty name of Jesus Christ in whom I serve!” Amen!!



>>> Listen closely my freind! This is about each of us aligning with God’s Promises and decreeing to Him now:  “HAVE YOUR WAY LORD – TAKE THE CONTROLS – I AM READY TO FLY LIKE A ROCKET!”

Whooo hoooo!!!!  All of Heaven is cheering you on and so am I  ♥♥♥

Love you and GO GO GO – you are gonna do this !!! – Coach Annamarie