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Hi Annamarie,  I want to thank you for being obedient to God’s call and gifting upon your life.  On December 8th, 2017 you posted a teaching called “Silver and Gold”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7drCluW4ek&t=1721s   Near the 23 minute mark you gave a word about someone who has a great idea that will help people but you cannot get the finances for the project.  At this time I was searching for a way to fund my project, Assisted Living Cottages.  Not only did I need the funds to start the project but I needed it to pay me a salary as I worked on it.  I had run into a brick wall.  You said that God wanted the person who this word was for to start decreeing and declaring that God is bringing the provision.  “Your camels are on the way”. Well guess what?  God is faithful!  Soon after your word a wealthy business man came forward to fund not only the project but my salary as well!!  God bless you for letting God flow through you!  It was the encouragement I needed to push through.  Today the company is kicking off and we are believing for our first customers.  Looking forward, Kevin Barklage –  Managing Partner – Assisted Living Cottages assistedlivingcottages.com


“Annamarie turned my life around. She taught me how to THINK BIG! A few short months after Annamarie’s training in her program I now know how to easily do my own effective marketing and have been very successful gaining marketing partners (sponsors).  Annamarie gave me the tools to correctly ATTRACT marketing partners and all the funding I need for my race team. Thank You Annamarie! I am now able to continue my dream and passion of driving Sprint Cars. I tell all my friends to use Annamarie and learn the techniques taught by her programs. Before this coaching program I was one of those racers who tried hiring a sponsor hunter that just left me broke and worse off.  I knew Annamarie’s program was different from anything out there and she took me from nothing to a Winning Team Owner and driver with major sponsors in just 3 short months. I continue to attract marketing partners (sponsors) and use the tools I gained from Annamarie’s coaching everyday!  Personal coaching with Annamarie is by far the BEST investment I have ever made for my racing career!” – Joshua Shipley, Owner/Driver of Joshua Shipley Racing  – Youngtown, AZ


“Annamarie’s personalized coaching strategies are working extremely well for me.  My confidence is through the roof because of Annamarie’s support and I have been able to apply these learned skills into my music coaching business as well as my race team. Her stuff works and I am so grateful to have her to help me with every step of my career, team and business!” – Anji Thornton,  Anji Thornton 51 Racing and Anji Thornton Music Coach – Las Cruces, New Mexico






I would just like to take this time to thank my coach Annamarie Strawhand. Thank you for leading on the path to success in the auto racing industry. Your teachings on leadership and self-accountability will forever be with me as I approach new situations both on and off the track. But most of all I would like to say on behalf of my family and myself thank you for taking a chance on me! From the very beginning you saw something in me that no one else including myself could see, and I will make it my duty to make sure I not only keep my dream alive but all you taught me as well!  I wish you the best success in your new ventures and I will be a weekly subscriber as usual. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! – Walter Thomas III, NASCAR Driver – Indianapolis, IN




Testimonials from Annamarie’s “Faith At Full Speed” Seminar: (video)

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