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Prophetic Word: NASCAR, Truex and Trump! Get ready for BIG BLESSINGS coming FAST!

Prophetic Word: NASCAR, Truex and Trump! Get ready for BIG BLESSINGS coming FAST!

Click for Video of NASCAR White House Visit

I have a prophetic word that I think everyone here will be blessed by – especially our patriotic prayer warriors who have been praying for the President, and Justice and Truth in America.  This also speaks to me of BIG Blessings coming forth for many hard working Americans and it’s coming at FULL SPEED!

Today, May 21st, 2018 President Trump welcomed NASCAR Racing Champion Martin Truex and his race team to the White House.  This truly speaks to me personally because racing is something that I have a background in as I worked as a marketing professional in NASCAR for many years.   I asked, Lord – You are giving us encouraging messages for America through  prophets such as Johnny Enlow – even with winning race horses (Justify/Kentucky Derby) – please speak to me Lord about what You are saying in NASCAR right now – a highly popular American sport too!  I knew there had to be a message here in all this!

So, this is what I am getting from the Holy Spirit today and it is VERY encouraging:

TRU: Martin Truex has the same start of his name “Tru” Trump, “Truman” “Truth” – This prefix of Tru in the name was prophesied also by John Kilpatrick

Truex Earned his way: From what I know about Martin Truex, he was always an underdog type driver – he comes from a blue collar family and not the latest type of silver spoon drivers who bring cash to drive. He has earned his way with hard work. This speaks of the American dream coming alive again for hard working people- working their way up with grit and determination.

Truex is Man of the people: Much like President Trump, Truex came to popularity as being a man’s man type guy, with a big heart who stood by his girlfriend when she was dealing with ovarian cancer and then the two of them doing everything they can to help children with cancer.  Truex wears his heart on his sleeve and is very open with his personal side and a very inspirational racer.  He is not a ‘cookie cutter’ type that many of the drivers have become.  This speaks of the men and women in America who have prospered that God can use for good, it’s all about the giving of the heart, and using your talents with authenticity and being REAL.  I believe that God is raising up more athletes by what is in their heart more than what “the experts” say that they should be. I believe this is what people are hungry for – more inspiration instead of promotional robots.  This brings me to scripture: 1 Samuel 16:7 “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”   This is exciting for many of you who have been waiting for that shot at your dream – God will raise you up and qualify you by what is in your heart.  Don’t worry about what the so called ‘experts’ are saying!  

The Truex Team’s Humble Beginnings:  Furniture Row Racing (Truex team) did not have big sponsors at first, but with the ability to win with a lower budget, they quickly became a fan favorite.  Bigger sponsors were attracted by the growing fan base and the cinderella type story of the team. This shows the American marketplace is going to veer more to what the people want and getting behind the underdog.  I see this already happening in many more venues across America.  The hard working guy or girl with a big dream, and the American grassroots startup will be getting more and more financial support from benefactors in the coming years.

Being the ‘Outsider’ (like Trump) Truex’s team is not part of the NASCAR ‘elite’: NASCAR’s political insider deal  – is to be located in Charlotte, NC .  But Truex’s team – Furniture Row Racing –  successfully campaigned a winning program out of Denver CO.   Something unheard of in this industry.  NASCAR has been advocating alot political correctness lately in the organization – that the fans do not like and they were losing their fanbase. However – NASCAR publicly endorsed Trump and dropped all the PC after their top drivers voiced support. The NASCAR fanbase and demographic are mostly very conservative and patriotic Trump supporters. This shows me that the tables are turning back to grass roots America for the sport. Very good for our patriotism – which is going back to “grass roots”…. Today I believe NASCAR sealed the deal back to Trump for 2020 support. This is a top sports corporation that is finally “getting it” do what your fanbase wants. (take notes, NFL)

Symbolism on the Race Car: Truex’s Car sponsor is “TRACKER”: Tracker Boats sponsor Truex and are known for tracking systems to catch big fish and go into all types of waters. I see this as a metaphor for the President’s “catching the big fish hiding in deep waters” right now.  He has his trackers on it! I see this as a message for the President and what He is getting ready to do with the corrupt in Washington.  This was parked out front of the White House like a billboard message: “We are tracking ’em down!” Now it’s time to hook em and reel em in!

Race Car Number 78: This is the Hebrew year 5778 this brings me again to the TRU and the combination of the TRUTH name. That Truth is being revealed and brought to the front and truth will once again be championed in America – especially God’s Truth! Everything God is doing right now through America connects back to blessing Israel. We bless Israel – America will be Blessed!  NASCAR is celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary as is Israel.   I am asking the Lord to show me more on this – why the 70 being so significant –  I know one thing that there is still prayer in the name of Jesus before every NASCAR race – and despite complaints from athiests, NASCAR has stood strong in keeping the pre-race prayer.  This I believe will lead other sports back on the same path to allowing prayer, the name of the LORD JESUS and patriotism.

Timing of the WhiteHouse Visit: Truex won the Championship last November, however today he and his team were officially recognized at the White House by President Trump. The race car itself was right out front and Truex presented the President with a custom race helmet. In my spirit I heard – It’s time to strap in and get ready – its about to get exciting for America! The time is now and the President is going to go for it with four barrels and he has a winning crew in place!! I am not sure if the President timed this as a signal that he is about to drop the hammer full speed on something big against the corrupt and those who need to be prosecuted because of crimes against our American people. I think yes.  Patriots and prayer warriors may have been frustrated that things have been going slow with the DOJ – and we truly want to see justice for America  – But I feel Trump has been preparing for a strategic takedown. President Trump said in his speech while the NASCAR race car is in front of  him:  “Start Your Engines”!  WOW!!!   We need to strap in and hold on – I see something BIG happening that the President and his administration had in the prep for a while, and this declaration that he spoke was a GO SIGN – the green flag is flyin’ and Trump just gave the command to start!

I am so excited! This is a marker right here for us and the TRUTH is going to come out so fast we will be blown away by it all!! Also the “trophy cup” was displayed and all I could think of was champagne/wine being poured out of it-

The Holy Spirit brought me to this scripture:

Amos 9:13-15 “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.  God’s Decree: “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. ”

Whooo HOOOO!!!! Get ready America!! PRAISE GOD!!  Be encouraged my freinds, our God is so GOOD! and He is behind President Trump it’s time to #MAGA

Love you all, Annamarie


NASCAR Champion Martin Truex Visits White House (video):

Billy Graham’s Father’s 1934 Dairy Farm Prayer Meeting That Changed The World

Billy Graham’s Father’s 1934 Dairy Farm Prayer Meeting That Changed The World

Photo Courtesy of Billy Graham Evangelical Association Facebook Live

On February 28th, a week after the passing of Reverend Billy Graham – I watched the broadcast from the US State Capitol as this amazing, anointed and humble servant of God and leader for Christ, his body in a simple wood casket laid in honor at the US Capitol (only three private citizens ever had this honor). There is no greater honor than to serve the Kingdom of God and our country – and the United States leaders are acknowledging this! Praise God! Thank you Billy Graham! I pray your life and boldness for the Gospel will rise up more and more leaders for Christ in America and all over the world!

I prayed that as I watched the service live –  then as I was listening to a story President Trump told in his speech at the Billy Graham Memorial Service at the United States Capitol –  this made me stand up and take notice!

This was in President Trump’s words when the late Billy Graham laid in honor in the US Capitol:

“In the spring of 1934, Billy Graham’s father allowed a group of Charlotte, North Carolina businessmen to use a portion of the family’s dairy farm to gather for a day of prayer. On that day, the men prayed for the city. They prayed that out of Charlotte the Lord would raise up someone to preach the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. We are here today more than 80 years later because that prayer was truly answered. Billy Graham was 15 years old at the time. Just a few months later he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. That choice didn’t just change Billy’s life, it changed our lives. It changed our country and it changed, in fact, the entire world.”

I was blown away when I heard that! Through this story I realized God is speaking to us about intercessory prayer!

We must be reminded: There is a mighty Power in Intercessory Prayer and making decrees in the land!

This is why in every city, town and region, even on your own property you can petition God to raise up faithful leaders – ask for men and women who will spread the gospel and restore us to God. God will raise them up – we need to ASK!

If we want a move of God in our region and in our land we must come together and pray. We must BOLDLY come to the Throne Of Grace and petition the Lord.

It’s no coincidence that the day Billy Graham’s body was brought to the US Capitol, it was the 13th of Adar (Hebrew Calendar), that brings us into the beginning of the Jewish Celebration of Purim – when Queen Esther boldly went to the throne of the King and saved her people. Like Esther, who saved her people from death and destruction, Billy Graham boldly went to Nations proclaiming the Gospel and Truth saving millions from death and brought them to the eternal life of Jesus Christ.

WOW – there is something very prophetic in this! God’s timing is amazing!

God heard the Charlotte intercessors who prayed on Billy Graham’s father’s farm in the 1930’s and raised up Billy! He fulfilled what was decreed and requested in prayer on that day, not just for Charlotte but for the world!  Father, we ask You to raise up those for such a time as this in our nation and the world today!  I am so grateful for those Charlotte intercessors and for Billy Graham’s father’s faith and obedience to God for the use of his land for that day!  Hallelujah!!

If you want to gather a group of intercessors, You can download a complete guide on how to intercede, pray and decree over your regions that I have available here.

Announcing Faith Lane Tours – Christian and American History Themed Travel

Announcing Faith Lane Tours – Christian and American History Themed Travel

Hello Friends! The last few weeks the Lord was showing me some new things for 2018 for myself. I knew I was called to the media mountain and to the business mountain – I have always really had a strong background there. But my heart was for God’s Grace on America again. This was why I was doing the American Gatekeeper Prayer Broadcasts.  I said “Lord, what do you really want me to do to bring this all together for your people, America and our youth? Use me where you need me Lord.”

I finally got clarification on the new assignment after much prayer and confirmation with my pastor on what God was showing me. So I am starting a travel tour business that will bring The Bible, Prayer and American History all together. I love to teach and I love God’s word and I love America – I want these travel tours that I do to bring GOD and AMERICAN HISTORY back together, especially for our youth. I am excited to announce my new travel tour business, Faith Lane Tours. This will be very unique as it will combine Bible Teaching with the Trips!! I will be focusing time there and I will still be posting encouraging videos, teachings and prayer here on my page because we have more coming here with my books, coaching and what God has assigned me to do with you all – helping you get activation in your purpose! GOD IS SO GOOD! Check out Faith Lane Tours on Facebook

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